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Most people have hectic schedules and hence find it difficult to spend too much time reading. Life is just too stressed out, and you need an outlet to relax. Magazines are the best way to entertain us and not only helps one to develop and increase their vocabulary and knowledge, but also paves a good way to get into the reading habit.

Maggwire is an online destination for all your magazine related needs. It recommends magazine articles you will enjoy reading from over 600 magazine titles. Clicking on the article headline takes you directly to the magazine article at the publisher’s website.

It has nine categories like business, tech, sports, entertainment, food, home, lifestyle, women and men. You can also choose top articles of the week, month or year.

You can also share the articles with your friends and family. Expand the reading experience and explore each article’s comments section by clicking on the ‘comments’ option below each article’s description.

You can discuss what you read and interact with other like-minded readers. Plenty of big names like Fortune, PC World, Sports Illustrated, Time, People and so on.

How To Use Maggwire ?

Click the video below for a quick overview on how to get the most out of your experience.


Do you have the habit of reading magazines ? Feel free to share with us ;-)

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    u check the this is also free online magazine website.
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