How to Send Anonymous Email and Play Pranks on Your Friends


Few days back we have seen about tweeting anonymously, today we have a free service, where you can send anonymous email to anyone. Just confess your love to somebody or play an email prank with your friends. Just give it a try and enjoy anonymous mailing.

SendEmail is a free website that lets you to send an email message anonymously. With this free service, you can play prank on your friends and enjoy the wonderful world of anonymous surfing.

Anonymous email service is perfect for :

– If you have no access to your email account

– To quickly send a message

– If your private email is banned by the recipient

– Confess your love to somebody

– Play an email joke with your friends

– and many other reasons

Note: Do not use the service for any illegal activities.

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  1. Vaibhav Kanwal says:

    What about the E-Mail header? I am sure Email header shows the server. Played many pranks using the mail() function in PHP.

    Header is a give away for a seasoned geek

  2. Himanshu Yadav says:

    Is it also hide IP address of a sender?

  3. Abhijeet Singh says:

    Header gives the IP address of the

    There are many such sites like and
    Try sending email to your own ID and trace the Email header with

    Catch me at Twitter for more updates…

  4. Acai Free Trials says:

    Probably not the best thing. I remember when you could send a single email to every member of congress through an online interface. That site was shut down.

  5. Siddharth says:

    I hav my own Script to send mail..
    from "anyone" to "anyone" :)
    howevr , am not sharing it.. ;)
    also created script for bulk mailing without getting spammed or bounce back !

    • Ashfame says:

      How can you avoid getting spammed or bounce back? Just curious.

      • Use your email ids wisely .. for some temporary verification and stuff, don’t use your email-ids. Instead, use disposable email ids.. this will help you in a way to reduce spam mails in your inbox. I’m making a post on best disposable email websites .. will publish soon !

  6. Robin says:

    A good search can help us find similar scripts to send anonymous email. But it requires some web administration knowledge to host such scripts. When the hosting provider identify the bulk mail transmission then surely account gets ban. :)

    By the way.. this article is nice.

    – Robin

  7. vietnam war dvd says:

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