How To Push Tweets From Your Blogpost To Twitter Using Google Short Url service ?


Recently Google launched its short url service called ” ” and usefully it has made an interest to bloggers. Yes, with this short Url service you can publish your Rss feed headlines to twitter directly from Feedburner. It is same like twitterfeed service.

Most of them who own a blog, will be using feedburner’s Rss feed, then now you can easily connect feedburner with twitter. Feedburner allows Rss feed headlines to auto-update as tweets with the unique short url of Google “”.

Now let’s see how to setup ?

1. Login to your Feedburner account

2. Select your blog feed and go to Publicize option from the Top

3. Select the Socialize Option from the Services present in the sidebar.

4. Click the Add Twitter account and You need to authenticate your twitter account first, So do not get panic.

5. Check out the Preview of your Tweets and Click Active it, Its now activate.

When ever you publish a post, it automatically publishes the post title to your twitter account with a link to your blog post using Google short url service.

It also has some special features like

1. You can add title or body of the content to post tweets.

2. You can add categories as hash tags

3. You can also use alternate text you want to add to the tweet etc.

4. You can also filter out sending certain tweets to twitter using keywords.

This is one of the best move from Google, what say ?

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  1. Beauty&health says:

    really a very useful tips.Thanks for this.

  2. Srivathsan GK says:

    @Beauty&health – Glad that it is useful :) Cheers mate =)

  3. Chethan says:

    A Nice Tutorial Man… well i have one url shotener service we can track clicks stats… by seeing .. Is it possible for to Track Stats?

  4. Srivathsan GK says:

    @Chethan – I don't think so, anyway let me find out and tell you ..

  5. Jerry MD says:

    Nice Post
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  6. Jerry MD says:

    Nice Post
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  7. Sports Sexy Peeks says:

    yoo.. good thoughts

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