How To Build Your Facebook Profile and Drive Traffic To Your Blog


Facebook is the largest and most popular social networking site growing with a great pace and has become a major tool for driving traffic to your website. If you’re a blogger, developer or a designer then Facebook can help you to increase your audience and bring extra traffic to your blog/website.

Now I’ll be writing on how to build your brand on facebook and gain some traffic to your website/blog. So here are the few tips for improving your facebook profile which can drive some traffic to your blog –

1. Make your Facebook Profile as Public

Your facebook profile is your major weapon and if you don’t make your profile interesting, you will hardly become popular. Give enough background information and don’t forget to make your profile public, because it can make even people who don’t know you, when they somehow reach your profile, get interested and connected with you.

2. Edit your Facebook Profile

Include information about your site on your Wall and in the photo gallery. Facebook gives you the opportunity to write a lot about you and to add pictures and videos. so write something and fill in the other tabs.

3. Add People to your Niche

Add like minded People, so that you can get quality tips and new ideas from other like minded people from your niche. Commenting on their posts will make them look at your posts too. Share every good post related to your blog niche on Facebook to make a good impression on your friends.

4. Be Active on your Facebook Profile

Getting traffic from facebook depends on a great profile, an impressive network, and posting regularly. No matter how interesting the stuff you share but, if you don’t publish new content regularly, the Facebook traffic to your site will slow down. If you can’t post regularly, updating your status regularly is more than nothing, so do it.

5. Arrange Your Facebook tabs and Sidebar

Unlike other social networks, Facebook gives you more flexibility and you can move around many of the boxes. If you put the RSS feed with the links to your blog in a visible space, this alone can generate lots of traffic for you.

6. Don’t Use too Many Applications and Irritate your Facebook friends

Facebook apps are numerous in every category from gaming to business related and Please do not publish every activity in applications on your wall. This gives a bad impression. Take quizzes if you like but no one actually wants to check what the app. thinks about you. So use applications wisely and never flood your friends’ notifications with invitations to games, quizzes etc.

7. Must Add 3 Important things to your Facebook Profile

There are apps, which can work for you in a great way. They are very useful and you should take advantage of them.

(i) Networked blog application – Networked blog have inbuilt ability to pull up feeds from your blogs once you have at least 10 members on your blog network.

(ii) Facebook Notes – when ever you will publish any new post on your blog, it will be automatically posted in your facebook profile.

(iii) Facebook Fan page – Facebook Fan Page helps you into Branding, Socializing and more over sending a message to all your Blog or service Fans. – You can follow our fan page on facebookLink

8. Keep your Homepage Clean

As I already told you, no one wants to check others future or horoscope from the facebook app. So filter such apps and let quality posts and links coming to help you get every useful post from your friends. So whenever you get such app. updates on your homepage hover mouse pointer to the right side and click hide application button.

9. Don’t Share too much and Become a Spammer

Whenever you post your own blog article don’t post too much, it looks as you are spamming, keep it less but useful. Already you have added Facebook notes and Networked Blog Application. So it will share your own blog post with friends.

10. Be personable and leave comments

When your friends are updating their status or they have released a new note, don’t forget to leave your comments. This will add to your credibility and will show others how much you care. People will only care about you once they know how much you care about them.

Finally if you’re not able to succeed in natural way, use Facebook Social ads. These are PPC ads and starting a campaign is similar to an Adwords campaign.

Killer Idea – If you want to get traffic from any of the social networking site – write tips and tricks about that particular social site and promote it on that network. Example – Like what I do now..Write about facebook and promote on facebook , If you need good traffic from twitter – then check out this post and promote it on twitter.

So all these tips will build your facebook profile in a healthy manner and you can expect a good traffic to your websites. If you need privacy on social network sites have one personal profile for friends and one business profile to promote your business.

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    well this article would help me alot.. taking it serious now!

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    @chethan – Manoj and Ali Qayyum – thank you all :) Keep reading and I'll make sure you're benefited more like this :))

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    Nicely written Srivathsan. Some of them, I am already following while I need to improve in rest of the points. Good one!

  6. Srivathsan GK says:

    @Rohit Langde – Thank you so much :) Welcome to Steal-Ideas :) I myself have to follow some points.. I have started to hide all the application on my homepage ..

  7. Penny Stocks says:

    am trying to build network on Facebook and my twitter account as well since last month and planning to marketing my blog with it. Lets get the best as Fb and Twitter are very good for marketing these days ;)

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    Other things aside, I loved the name of your blog :D

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    Facebook and Twitter are equally popular today, both can be used to market your business and it can also be used to drive people to your website. As we all know Facebook is popular because of its games, what I do is I put games to my website to attract visitors. If they like my games they will keep coming back often. It's really effective.

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    nice Article Social Network are one of the major player for blogger to have success. its not easy to build a useful network but once we succeed in building our network that gives us pleasure and work also gives us success.

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    @Penny Stocks – You're right, both twitter and Facebook will drive you more traffic, Power tools for marketing.

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    @Taranfx – Thank you dude .. btw can i know the reason ? :P

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    @YourKidsClubGamer – Wow .. Nice idea .. Keep rocking with creative thoughts ;))

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    @Make Money SEO Blog – Yes, Once we have a strong build social profile, then we are the king !!

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    one more point : spread your profile like crazy. include it in your signature etc…

  16. Srivathsan GK says:

    @Aery – Ahh .. Nice idea .. I got another idea from your point – Include it on your twitter DM – When you subscribe to auto follow users who follow you .. DM will be sent .. Including your facebook profile in that will help you to grow in large =P

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