Have Your Minimized Windows as Desktop Thumbnails : miniMIZE


I love customizing my desktop with beautiful wallpapers and small utilites which helps to look stylish. With this small utility, you can turn your minimized windows into thumbnails and put in your desktop. Nothing will be seen on your taskbar. If you need to open the window, just by a click you can have your minimized window on top.

miniMIZE ” is a small utility which puts all minimized applications on Desktop as thumbnails. So whenever you minimize a window, it gets minimized on Desktop as a small thumbnail.

1. The thumbnails can be dragged and placed on any position on the screen.

2. They can also be configured to appear automatically at any defined screen edge.

3. miniMIZE thumbnails can either stay always on top facilitating all-time access or can stay only on the desktop according to your preferences.

4. miniMIZE comes handy if your taskbar gets congested.

5. Although the site says it only works for Windows XP but I have checked and it works on Vista as well.

miniMIZEHomepage | Download

Just try this tool, its less than 820kb. Try it and leave your comments.

I simply loved it ;-)

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  1. hackingtrick says:

    really niece thing….

  2. Arun says:

    thxx bro

  3. Srivathsan GK says:

    @Hackingtrick and Arun – Thank you dude's :)

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