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If you’re formatting your Pc inorder to install any operating system like vista or win7, after you install the new OS, your system looks new fresh with basic applications and softwares which comes by default in your OS.

So, some applications like VLC media players, flash plugin, Firefox browser, Java JRE, iTunes, 7-zip etc, are best freeware’s which are must for daily use. Normally downloading all these app individually and installing it takes more time. So how about selecting and making our own application list and installing all them with just one click ?

Yes, AllMyApps is a website that lets you to create a list of all applications which you have installed already on your system and saves the list so that when you format your Pc, you can re-install those apps with one click. Allmyapps makes software installation a breeze. No matter how many applications you need, 1 click is all you need to have all your favorite applications installed on your PC.

It doesn’t mean that you can include Microsoft Office or Adobe Photoshop in your list. You can only add freeware programs. The website has a huge list, where you can choose your favorite application in to your list.

AllMyApps offers the easiest way for users to find and install their favorite desktop applications. It is 100% secure and legal.

I have chosen my list which includes : Firefox, uTorrent, Windows Live messenger, Google Chrome, 7Zip, VLC player, AVG Antivirus, Picasa, Flash player plugin, shockwave, Notepad++, iTunes, Open Office(alternative for MS Office), Pidgin(alternative for IM), GIMP(alternative for Photoshop), Revo Uninstaller, ImgBurn(cd/dvd burner).

AllMyApps – Homepage

Have you created your fav list ? Share with us -:)

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  1. Sahil Kotak says:

    Nice post, I was not knowing about, and know I am going to try it.


  2. Gurpreet Singh says:

    That's A great option of making things go in one click nice update dude

  3. Srivathsan GK says:

    @Sahil & Gurpreet – Yep, Thanks dude =)

  4. Acai Free Trials says:

    Very nice. I always make a list of apps and then make sure to download them all onto a new machine during an 6-8 hour installation process. This will speed things up.

  5. Anonymous says:

    i want to make a system like this..

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