Best 5 Websites To Send Anonymous Tweets Without Signing Up For An Twitter Account


Playing pranks on people is a great way to have a bit of fun at any place. Usually people want to raise their voice but don’t want to disclose their identity. Yeah, you can also do this on twitter. These five websites allow us to send anonymous tweets without signing up for an account.

Just mention the individual’s twitter username and send your tweets. To Express your love or to Show your anger on your boss/teacher, this is perfect way. Just try it ..

Five Websites to Send Anonymous Tweets ;-


Anonymous, uncensored Twitter updates for everyone. The main page includes a big box where you can input whatever you wish with @username of whom you’re pointing out, and when you are done just hit the button labelled “Tweet drunk” to send out your update, without disclosing who you are at any point of the process. You can send upto 115 characters. You can see your anonymous tweets here.



Twitzee allows you to send out tweet messages without using your own Twitter account! Great if you want to share any secret and be a Whistleblower, or just want to say something @twittername that might hurt your online reputation. Like having a crash on your co-worker! So go ahead – You Can Tweet Anonymously! The message would appear in twitter profiles coming from TweetShh1 or TweetShh2 or TweetShh3.



Secrettweet is same as the above services like twitzee and drunktwt but the character limit is only 110 characters. If you send a anonymous tweet, you can see very well on secrettweet homepage. You can also reply anonymously by clicking the tweet number beside each tweet.


Tweet from Above & Tweet from Below

Tweet From Above and Tweet From Below let you post anonymous messages on Twitter without creating an account or posting those messages in your own Twitter feed. Tweet From Above is meant to send out ‘good’ tweets.

Simply enter a message, including the @username tag to ensure the intended recipient sees it, then complete the Captcha and click ‘Send anonymous tweet’. The tweet will appear on Twitter as being from tweetfromabove1 or tweetfrombelow1, depending on whether you’re feeling angelic or devilish.

Tweet From AboveHomepage

Tweet From BelowHomepage

Hope you enjoy sending anonymous tweets with in the limit, don’t try to abuse or hurt anyone.

If you find anyother website for sending anonymous tweets, Please feel free to add in comments =)

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  3. Gurpreet Singh says:

    Thanks for sharing this But I think hiding our self from social media is not good but for spammers it is a paradise. What do u think

  4. Srivathsan GK says:

    @Gurpreet – Spammers are everywhere .. We cannot do them anything .. but for fun play we can use these kind of services.. Yeah, for business and other things we should not hide ourself from social media =)

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  7. Steve says:

    That is crazy. No on reads 1/4 of anyone else's tweets. Why tweat anonymously?

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    @Steve – I don't get you man .. What are you asking ?

  9. Ricky says:

    Well few weeks back I have written about the same topic. You reminded me of my post. Thanks for the share

  10. Srivathsan GK says:

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