3 Techniques To Use Google Shortening Url Service


Recently Google launched it’s own url shortening service Goo.gl for squeezing down the long url’s into short ones so that you can share it on twitter, email to friends etc. It is said to be the safest when it comes to security because they scan the url before shortening it. Here we have 3 ways to start using Goo.gl with help of extensions and bookmarks.

The other day we have seen how to shorten your blog post link with Goo.gl and post it to twitter with help of feedburner, today we have 3 easy and useful techniques for using the Google url shortening service.

1. Goo.gl Lite Firefox Extension – goo.gl lite is a simple extension for those who want to use goo.gl, Google’s URL shortener, without installing their 2MB toolbar. Clicking the Goo.gl button will generate a goo.gl URL and copy it to your clipboard.

Firefox Extension Download

2. Goo.gl Shortener Chrome Extension – goo.gl url shortener is an extension for Beta Channel of Google Chrome which allows you to shorten the current website URL copied to clipboard and you can share it with twitter, facebook, blogger, gmail or your default mail client.

Chrome ExtensionDownload

3. Goo.gl Bookmarklet – Simply click the bookmarklet when you’re on the page you want to shorten.


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  1. Gurpreet Singh says:

    These three are on the top for working with Google URL shorten. I have also published the same Post in past Week

  2. Srivathsan GK says:

    @above – oh really ? Let me check out :)

  3. NOFATCHX says:

    LOL! I knew only the bookmarklet technique. Well the others are nice too.

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