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Sometimes we receive alot of emails and you’re pushed to a situation where you flag some emails for later and forget to deal with them. From now on you can Snooze that type of emails and deal with them but not immediately to HitMeLater.

HitMeLater is a simple service to snooze your email, just by forwarding any email to and they resend it to you 24 hours later. HitMeLater is secure, spamless, and doesn’t require registration.

You can replace “24” with any number or day. For example, forward it to and you’ll get it back four hours later. Send it to and they send it back to you the first Wednesday morning after today. You can even specify specific dates or time periods.

Here are a few examples of addresses that you can forward email to -:

* Day – (or)
* Date – (or)
* Minutes – (or)
* Hours – (or)
* Days – (or)
* Weeks – (or)
* Months –


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  1. Chris says:

    There’s a much better product that came out before this actually, it’s called Way more features, really simple to use.

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