Share Your Post with 60+ Social Media Services at One Click !


It’s been a long time since I wrote about Firefox add-ons. Today we have Ultimate Firefox add-on for sharing addicts. It is also a must have browser add-on, where you can share the post with 60+ Social media sharing sites just by a single click. Let’s see the features and supported websites in detail ..

Shareaholic for Firefox – The Browser Addon Extension to share, tweet, bookmark, save and email webpages quickly.

Shareaholic is the easier way to share articles with your family, friends and co-workers online. Shareaholic makes online sharing better, faster and easier. Once you have Shareaholic, you’ll be able to simplify your online social life. Over 60+ services are supported and No more toolbars, buttons or bookmarklets piling up in your browser for every site you use, and no more looking for web publisher provided buttons. Shareaholic is the only tool you need to share.

Some Best Features of Shareaholic

1. 100% customizable and light weight addon. You can just go to Tools > Shareaholic > Options.

2. You have Buzz Monitor to find the freshest news, videos and blogs as they emerge on the realtime web within Shareaholic and easily share that on any of your social networks.

3. Shareaholic also alerts you to how popular the page you’re on based the number of times the web page has been shared.

4. Over 60 supported destination services

A : Amazon Wishlist, AttentionMeter
B :, Blogspot, Blogger, Buzzster!, BzzAgent Bzzscapes
C : Connotea
D : Delicious, Diigo, Diigolet, Digg, DiggBar
E : Evernote
F : Foxiewire, Friendfeed,
G : Google Bookmarks, Google Notebook, Google Reader, Google Gmail
H : Healthranker,
I :, Instapaper,
K : Kaboodle
L : LinkedIn, Windows Live, Hotmail, LiveJournal
M : Meneame, Mixx, MySpace, Mozillaca
N : Netvibes
P : Plurk, Posterous,
R : Reddit
S : Simpy,, Sphinn, Stumbleupon, Streakr, Smaknews,,
T : Techmeme Tips, Tipjoy, TinyURL, Tipd,, Truemors, Tumblr, Twine, Twitter, Twitthat, Tweetie, TBuzz
V :
W : Weheartit, WordPress
Y : Yahoo Buzz, Y Combinator YC Hacker News

5. Over 1 million Downloads.


Download (Windows, Mac or Linux)Firefox | Flock | IE 8

This is one of the best add-ons to get your hands on if you are a social network junkie.

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  1. Blogging in Web 2.0 Beta says:

    its great but not put all submission in one click. If we have to post 60 sites than we have to hit 60 times.Try only wire its great less bookmarking sites but goes in three clicks. Nice post

  2. Srivathsan GK says:

    Yeah .. Already I have written on Onlywire.. and Do you need something like automated submission to all sites ? ha ha ..

  3. Arun Kumar says:

    great bro


  4. Dsheray says:

    This is a great post very good info. Thanks!

  5. Srivathsan GK says:

    @Dsheray – Thank you .. btw welcome to steal-ideas !

  6. Steve says:

    I have been using onlywire for quite some time but it tops out at 32 services. I will have to look at it.

  7. Srivathsan GK says:

    @Steve – Try this man .. It's easy navigation interface very much helpful ..

  8. vijay says:

    your site is bookmark of all blogger's

  9. Srivathsan GK says:

    @Vijay – Thank you so much :) Do Subscribe to our feeds and enjoy reading ..

  10. vijay says:

    Dear sri
    Please guide me where can i download the toolbar which you presented below.pls kindly give me the source

  11. Srivathsan GK says:

    @Vijay – It's Wibiya toolbar – Go to and get one for your blog ;)

  12. uttoransen says:

    Am not a fan of automatic social submissions, social media only works when we get social with it, so i like to do stuff manually. However, will check out the extension, and see how it works,

    and thanks for letting us know about the toolbar, checking that out now,

  13. Srivathsan GK says:

    @uttoransen – THis is not auto submission – It's manual only.. Only major use of this addon is – everything you can get handy at one click .. it just drop downs all the service one by one ..

  14. Aahna says:

    Yes this is not auto submission even i thought its a auto submission so i can submit here but its a manual only.

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