How To Update Your Facebook and LinkedIn Status From Twitter web


Now you can update your status of Facebook and LinkedIn social networks from micro blogging service twitter. Most of them are using twitter clients for updating status on both Facebook and twitter. But how can we update the LinkedIn and Facebook status from twitter web ? lets see ..

First of all for updating Facebook status – You need Selective twitter application

1. Sign into your Facebook account

2. Add Selective Twitter application – Selective Twitter Status lets you update your Facebook status from Twitter.

3. Go to Selective Twitter Application and Set your twitter username

4. Now you can update selective tweets from your twitter and the application updates it on your facebook status.

5. You can choose which tweets you want – just end a tweet with #fb when you want to post it as your Facebook status – simple!

How to Update status of LinkedIn profile ?

1. Login to your twitter account

2. If you need to update facebook status – you’re using #fb at the end of the tweet, same way if you need to update linkedin status

3. Just use #in at the end of the tweet to update on LinkedIn status

You can update both Facebook and LinkedIn status at the same time by ending a tweet with #fb #in.

Try out and If you come across any problem on updating – just feel free to use the comments section -;)

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