How To Turn your Twitter List into RSS Feeds


When twitter introduced their new list feature, I was so happy that I can make my favorite list and follow their tweets. but I’m more excited when I found how to convert my twitter list into feeds so that i could read it anytime on my Google reader or any feed readers. Here is simple application which helps us to convert our twitter list into Rss feeds ..

Before knowing how to convert twitter list to rss feeds – you must know about 3 things

1. The New feature of Twitter List – How to make List on twitter, a simple guide.

2. After making your own list, you need to see this – The directory of awesome lists on twitter – It also includes the Top 140 list on twitter.

3. What is RSS ?

RSS is a technology that is being used by millions of web users around the world to keep track of their favorite websites. In those days, I used to bookmark my favourite website and return to them on a regular basis to see what had been newly added. but later bookmarking many favourite websites and returing them manually became a complicated task.

So, This RSS technology that provides you with a method of getting relevant and up to date information sent to you for you to read in your own time. It saves you time and helps you to get the information you want quickly after it was published.

You can use Google Reader or Email Subscription for reading the latest updates from your favourite websites. thanks problogger for giving a nice explanation on what is rss. You can see our RSS feed at the right side – Orange color Big ball -:)

Now we can see How to turn your Twitter List into RSS Feeds ?

1. Go to

2. Select your twitter list from your twitter account (I have chosen my blogging list from twitter)

3. Copy the Url of the twitter list from your address bar

4. Paste the Url of the twitter list into box given on twitter2rss

5. Click to generate the RSS feed.

6. Add it to your Google reader and enjoy reading !!


Got something to say ? What’s your favourite twitter list ?

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  1. Chaaps says:

    Yo Yo!
    Nice Update

  2. Srivathsan GK says:

    Thank you chaaps ;) Just found on another blog – so shared here :)

  3. Blogging in Web 2.0 Beta says:

    Wow Nice Article Bravo

  4. Srivathsan GK says:

    @Blogging in Web 2.0 Beta – Thank you .. Original credits to the creator of this app .. im just sharing it here .. =)

  5. Steve says:

    Nice. I read a post about registering your twitter feed with technorati by Murray Newlands and it also worked great.

  6. Srivathsan GK says:

    Yeah .. merging twitter and Technorati is a great way to achieve traffic ;)

  7. Jerry MD says:

    Nice Post
    full text rss generator

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