Get an Solution for Error codes and Messages You Encounter


Usually IT professional use several systems/softwares and come across different error codes in their routine life. Some of them may know while others are strange to them. Collecting all these error codes and searching them on Google or other websites for reference is not an easy job.

Now you don’t have to worry anymore, because now you have a specially designed Search engine for error related stuff – ErrorKey

Errorkey is a Search engine which quickly helps you to get an answer for errors you encounter. I need not explain much .. if you look into the site .. you can understand it very easily ..


say for example – If you’re searching for the famous error “HTTP 404 – Not Found” – Now you don’t have to run a search on any search engine using specific keywords. All you have to do is to write the code of error in the search box and it will display you the results.

ErrorKey Search EngineHomepage

If you have any other way to solve the error messages, feel free to use the comments section (-:

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