Embed Twitter List Widgets for Blogs/Websites Right Now


Few days back Twitter launched its new List feature and made excitement among tweeters, they can make a list of their favorite categories and add their favorite tweeters into the list.

Now Twitter has introduced the List widget for blogs/websites and Most notably, List widgets are updated in real time, a capability not yet included in streams viewed on Twitter.com. If a Tweet is worthy of reply or RT, a “reply” button appears as you hover over the Tweet of interest.

Essentially, Lists are a new form of information aggregation and syndication. Lists and List Widgets serve as a new genre of a very personal RSS feedreaders.

How to Add the List Widget to your Blog/website ?

1. Go to widget for my website section on twitter and select the List widget – Link

2. Customize Your List Widget with List Name, title and caption.

3. Change Appearance and Dimensions (optional)

4. Click Test Settings and grab the code.

5. Paste the code in your blog (Add a Gadget > Html/javascript > paste the code) and Now List Widget is ” Live ”

Enjoy Tweeting and You can access my twitter list @dangerdiabolick -:)

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  2. Srivathsan GK says:

    ^_^ You can also add twitter badge to your profile :)

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