Top 15 Websites to Play Free Online Games


Today I’m not in a mood to write about software reviews or web applications, so thought of posting something related to fun and games. I usually play these flash games when i’m bored or mentally stressed. So here is a list of top 15 websites to spend your time and relax yourself through playing online flash games.

Top 15 Websites : Here we go –

1. Shockwave

2. Dailygames

3. GameLinks

4. Miniclip

5. Zapak

6. Crazy Monkey Games

7. Yahoo Games

8. Net-Games

9. FlashTrackz

10. Addicting Games

11. Online Flash Games

12. Gamenode

13. MostPlays

14. Bored

15. Candystand

Sorry guys if i had left out something .. please feel free to use the comment section. I’ll include into the list.

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  1. Online Casinos says:

    Online Flash games encourage me to relax on stressful situations just like now. hehehe. I am eased in playing online flash games. ;)

  2. koes says:
  3. Karthick says:

    I would like to play miniclips games. Especially kick boxing and cricket defend the wicket

  4. Martin says:

    Nice list! My personal favorite is but these are good sites as well.

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