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No one prefers to use an out-of-date software and You can’t be checking each and every application for their updates. So, how about getting everything in one place (ie; the updates of every applications and their download link). There is no necessity of going to individual applications for their updates when you have a handy tool like TechTracker.

TechTracker is a small app which shows you the software that is out of date on your computer and provides you with the information to decide which updates you need. TechTracker utilizes CNET Downloads, the most comprehensive and trusted database of software products and updates in the world. As a CNET member, you can use the TechTracker app for free.

All you need to do is

1. Just Signup with CNET or If you’re Facebook user then connect with it to log in to CNet and download the TechTracker application, its Free.

2. After downloading install the TechTracker app. so that it can scan your computer’s software.

3. Scan your computer and immediately see your up-to-date and out-of-date software.

What is the use of TechTracker ?

If you have softwares which are up-to-date, it ensures that your computer runs smoothly. You can scan your computer at the frequency you select, and determines what software needs updating. View your available updates online, and from your desktop. It’s Safe and Free.

How TechTracker works ?

As I already told, all the updates are from CNET downloads so the TechTracker compares the software versions of your applications to the vast database of applications at Download.com and shows you a list of which applications need to be updated and a link to Download.com or the publisher’s site where you can download the update.

Compatibility :

1. Operating Systems – Windows XP or newer
2. Web Browsers – Firefox 2 or newer, Internet Explorer 6 or newer, Chrome current version, or Safari 3 or newer.
3. Hardware – At least 512MB of computer RAM and a home broadband connection (DSL, Cable, etc.)

TechTrackerHomepage | CNET Downloads

Now Updating your software just got easier. Try it and leave your comments (-:

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  2. Shiva says:

    I like this application. Previously I had downloaded and installed an opensource free application similar to this but after an OS reinstall it got deleted, I dont know the name of that App but this application is a worthy replacement
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