How to Unblur a Picture in Photoshop – Five Easy Steps


There are many times picture gets blurred because something was moving really fast or because of camera shaking. We are not professional photographers, so sharpening the blurry image is worth a shot. Softwares like photoshop helps us to make the blurry images sharp. Lets see how to unblur a picture in photoshop – Simple easy 5 steps.

Five Easy Steps –

Step 1 – Open your Photoshop – Select File > Open > Chose your blurry image

Step 2 – Duplicate the background layer by hitting CTRL+J

Step 3 – Select Filter > Other > High Pass – If you set it really high, the image will become grainy. I set mine to 10 pixels.

Step 4 – Now Set the blending mode of the layer to Hard Light and adjust the Opacity to whatever you think makes the image look best. Default 50% for the better results.

Step 5 – Wow!! You’re done!!

Hopefully, this simple method can make your blurry images clearer and sharper! Enjoy!

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Tryout and leave your comments (-:

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  1. Tejaswini says:

    Oh great, i would definitely give a try :) most of the times, when i am on bike, i take such kind of snaps, that are too blurred. hope I sort those pictures out. thanks for sharing

  2. Srivathsan GK says:

    @Tejaswini – HEY!! Thank you! Welcome to Steal-Ideas (-:

  3. Arun says:

    great bro

  4. Srivathsan GK says:

    @Arun – Thankyou Man!! GIve a try!!

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Café Atômico says:

    Beleza, mano. Me ajudou muito!

    Great, dude! It really helped me

  7. Pallab says:

    Would have loved to see the end result too.

  8. Real says:

    Ok if your magic blurr fixer is legit, why do you not post the results?

  9. Josh says:

    Thanks! This actually helped a lot with my profile picture… :)

  10. Anonymous says:

    This is just sharpening. Sharpening is not ‘unblurring’. No results because this image would probably look worse afterwards.

    • tariq says:

      rightly said @ anonymous :) the unblurring technique has been developed but its not in market….google for more info :)

  11. MaskFD says:

    Thank you very much, that was helpful.

  12. anon says:

    doesnt work for shit.

  13. ashlynn lisby says:

    all of you guys are nigggggggers

  14. I tried this and got good results! I got better results (less blurry) by setting HIGH PASS to 5 pixels not 10, and selecting Linear Light instead of Hard Light, and Linear Light’s opacity setting was around 65-67ish. My photo is MUCH sharper now. I also increased the photo’s contrast BEFORE doing the above, and it looks really good now.

    I hope this helps someone!

  15. david says:

    I am using photoshop c6. I followed or tried to follow your instructions. Step 2 does not work. I can hit ctrl j until my fingers bleed and no duplicate background layer appears. So I am dead in the water. What gives?

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