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It is easy to create a blog but after creating it who will read your articles ? So, the question raises here!! How will the world know about your blog until you tell them ? So, first step after creating a blog is to tell others. There are Three major search engines by which people can know your blog, so how to index your blog on all these search engines ? lets see ..

Search engines

Basically, If you make some correct ways to get some quality traffic to your blog/site then automatically you’ll have some good readers and getting success when more people know about your blog/site. So, for all this First step is to let know the Search engines because they are the huge source for getting traffic to your blog/site.

How to Submit Your Blog’s content to 3 Major Search Engines ?

1. Google

To Index on Google Search engine, we need to first go Google Webmaster Tools where you can have detailed reports about your sites popularity on Google. We can also see the keyword density of your posts, internal and external backlinks, and diagnose problems caused in your site etc etc .. To know all this first we have to verify our site and then submit a sitemap.

Google Webmaster ToolsLink

2. Yahoo!

To Index on Yahoo Search engine, we need to go for Yahoo Site Explorer which allows you explore all the pages indexed by Yahoo! Search. It can manage your problems and feeds etc.

Yahoo Site ExplorerLink

3. Bing

Microsoft Live is Now Bing and To get indexed on Bing, we need to go for Live Webmaster which is another great useful tool for indexing and crawling your webpages of your site. You can also view the statistics about your site.

Bing Webmaster ToolsLink

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Do Feel the Experience after submitting to all these search engines and Look out for the traffic. Don’t forget to leave your comments (-:

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  1. Steve says:

    I like submit express which submits your site to all the popular search engines somewhat automatically.

  2. Thanks for the info, I submitted my site to all 3. It was quick and straight forward.

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