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Normally, running a video site can be difficult. Once I thought of creating a similar website like Youtube, but for that we need to work on database and so on.. Always creating an video sharing website can be a difficult one. Not Anymore with Fliggo!

Do you want to make a site for a huge community or just a private place to showcase for your videos ? Then here is the solution of creating your own video website.

Fliggo allows you to create your own video sharing website in seconds. Whether it’s a video blog, a YouTube-like community, a private site for your company or family, Fliggo is the most flexible platform for your needs. You can also create a site for your personal videos to be shared and it can be controlled who can join, upload, comment, or put a password on your entire site.

You can also upload a wide variety of formats, including AVI, MP4, Flash Video, Windows Media, MPEG, and Real Media with a maximum size of 1GB. There is currently no length limitation.

To See videos on Fliggo you must have installed Adobe’s Flash Player (Version after 8 will do) and a modern web browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer 7+, Safari, Chrome, Opera, Webkit, etc.)

Features of Fliggo :

1. It lets your Family members or others to upload video to your site – Build a community.
2. You can customize your page from the given designs or add a background image.
3. Easily add/remove features from your site like comments , video ratings , etc..
4. Control the privacy by making your site as visible or as hidden.
5. If you have a Google Analytics account, Integrate with it.
6. Moderate everything on your site.

How to Create a Video Website with Fliggo – Watch the Demo

Simple steps in words :

1. Create a Fliggo Account.
2. Click on Create a video site or Get started button.
3. Give the Name of your video site and Pick one Address.
4. Describe about your site and Chose one template.
5. Give the Membership option either Moderated , open or closed.
6. Upload your Video and Invite your Friends.

These are the steps for creating a new video site with Fliggo and One of my Favourite Quotes from Fliggo ” If your grandma can’t figure it out, we want to know about it. ” – I really loved it ;) Its Grandma Friendly ;-)

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