Top 10 Useful Source Code Editors


Even if your a Master in Programming or Markup it is difficult to make up to the task without a code editor dedicated to the work. Especially when your dealing with edits to HTML, CSS, JavaScript or large files at once you obviously need a good editor to quickly open, edit and save it. I have this need on a regular basis and went on the hunt for an editor and now im ended up with top 10 for you readers !!

1. Notepad ++
One of my favourite Editor for Windows which supports several programming languages.Its a freeware and considered as an advanced yet simple text-editor which is extremly customizable. Its an WYSIWYG, User syntax highlighting, Auto completion, Drag n drop supported, Multi language enviornment supported feature. I hope you enjoy Notepad++ as much as I enjoy coding it.


2. Textpad
It also has a customizable tools menu, and integral file compare and search commands, with hypertext jumps from the matched text to the corresponding line in the source file (ideal for integrating compilers). The spelling checker has dictionaries for 10 languages. In-context help is available for all commands, and in-context menus pop-up with the right mouse button. Supports Universal Naming Convention (UNC) style names, and long file names with spaces.


3. PSPad
One of the Best freeware programmer’s editor for Microsoft Windows OS. Best features are you can save desktop sessions to later reopen all session files , FTP client – edit files directly from the web , macro recorder to record, save and load macros, installation contains templates for HTML, PHP, Pascal, JScript, VBScript, MySQL, MS-Dos, Perl, Intelligent internal HTML preview using IE and Mozilla , full HEX editor, internal web browser with APACHE support.


4. E-texteditor
E is a new text editor for Windows, with powerful editing features and quite a few unique abilities. It makes manipulating text fast and easy, and lets you focus on your writing by automating all the manual work. You can extend it in any language, and by supporting TextMate bundles, it allows you to tap into a huge and active community.


5. Eclipse
It is an open-source Java-based integrated development environment (IDE). Originally, Eclipse was meant to be used by Java developers, however, since users can extend its capabilities by installing numerous plug-ins, Eclipse is widely used by professional developers of all kind. For instance, plug-ins for C and C++ (CDT-project), Perl, PHP, ColdFusion, Ruby, Python and C# are available.


6. Aptana
Aptana Studio is the leading IDE for Today’s Web offering integrated language support for HTML, DOM, JavaScript and CSS. Debugging, errors and warning assistance are available as well. You can also use a number of Aptana plugins which offer comfortable tools for developing with Ruby on Rails, PHP, Adobe AIR, and Apple iPhone. Aptana has some pre-included popular Javascript libraries (Adobe Spry, Prototype, MochiKit, YUI, Mootools, Dojo Toolkit, JQuery, Scriptaculous) as well as a JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) Editor. The editor can definitely be considered as a professional and powerful source code editor.

Aptana StudioDownload

7. Komodo Edit
Being a multi language editor it support HTML, CSS, JavaScript as well as Perl, PHP, Ruby, RHTML, Django and many more. It also includes auto-complete, calltips, syntax checking and coloring as well as Vi emulation and Emacs keybindings. More advanced features are HTML live preview, code snippet storing, code folding, multi document editing as well as project management features.

Komodo EditDownload

8. Scriptly
Webocton – Scriptly is a comprehensive source freeware editor on writing HTML and programming scripts in PHP and designed. In addition to an extensive search and replace function, the program has syntax highlighting for seven different scripting languages and file types. Furthermore you can easily and quickly Snippets and complex tables and more.


9. Programmers Notepad
You can see the features of Programmers Notepad here.

Programmers NotepadDownload

10. EditPlus
EditPlus supports powerful and customizable syntax highlighting for HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, Perl, C/C++, Java, JavaScript and VBScript by default. Also, you can create your own syntax file to support other programming languages. For more summary features go here.


11. jEdit
jEdit is a mature programmer’s text editor with hundreds (counting the time developing plugins) of person-years of development behind it. Written in Java, so it runs on Mac OS X, OS/2, Unix, VMS and Windows. Built-in macro language; extensible plugin architecture. Dozens of macros and plugins available. Plugins can be downloaded and installed from within jEdit using the “plugin manager” feature. Auto indent, and syntax highlighting for more than 130 languages.

jEditDownload | Screenshots

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You missed JEdit one of the best cross platform editors ever written. Works on all OS platforms.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Where is VI?

  3. Sean says:

    How dare you miss Netbeans

  4. Roman Strobl says:

    And what about IntelliJ IDEA?

  5. Justin Caratzas says:

    1-10: emacs

    flamebait aside, some of these editors are truly terrible

  6. Anonymous says:

    vim ftw!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I know I'm SO gonna get flamed for this, but I have to say nothing touches Visual Studio ;)

  8. Anonymous says:

    Vim Vim Vim…

    I have to say Visual Studio from 2005 is really good.

  9. Anonymous says:

    You include Eclipse and Aptana (which is, basically, an Eclipse spin-off) but miss NetBeans? Also, JEdit should be mentioned.

  10. srivathsan GK says:

    JEdit is updated :)

  11. Brian Jørgensen says:

    Notepad++ is the best editor! Really love it..

  12. Mani V says:

    i too use Notepad ++ it does rock !!

  13. zfsed says:

    Emacs and Vim are the most useful source code editors. Aptana is Eclipse with some plugins. Aptana and Eclipse are not a source editors they are IDE.

    Sorry guys, english is not my native lang

  14. Anonymous says:

    I recommend NaviCoder Editor. It's free and enough to use for my school project :-)

    It also has a NaviCoder IDE for Java. I believe I will use it for my final year project.

  15. ib says:

    Why not try this Online PHP Editor –

  16. Geekyard says:

    jEdit is Good :) Got lots of features in it :)

  17. Biertjuh58 says:

    Editors are like books. You just need to find the one you like. It also depends on what you’ve been using before, I know some people that swear they’ll never use another editor that VI on Linux based OS’ses.

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