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First of all I would say im not an expert, I just share my idea and this would work 100% sure. Many of us who wants to learn and share knowledge and who have just started blogging seriously can’t grow their blog initially more than 100 page views. I was one among them last month. but sudden changes happens in life often. Only you need to put hardwork and patience. You’re on your way to Success! :-)

Till last month my blog was getting less than 100 page views, but now it has grown up little to 500 views. So thought of sharing the process of 150 minutes which i spend daily. There is a saying ” Rome wasn’t built in a day ” so you can’t achieve 1000 views in a day. Spend 150 mins daily for atleast one month, you can gradually see the difference in your blog. Here is a simple strategy that will certainly increase your blog traffic and make you break the 1,000 daily page views. You need to follow just Four steps which is said below :

* First Step : (One hour)

Spend One hour on researching and writing killer articles. Be sure that you post one killer article every week or once every 15 days. If your not familiar with the term killer article ” its nothing but a huge long article which does research on something like this – example : Top List of PDF Readers and Tools, Top 15 Tools for Twitter, 10 Top Right Click Tools For Windows, and You can see more killer articles on web designers blog like 100 free resources. ” these are called killer articles. It gives a giant list of resources , detailed tutorial on how to do things. Mainly it should make visitors to bookmark and comment on it !. Killer articles take minimum of 5 to 10 hours of work, so spend one hour daily on the same piece of work. Result of these killer articles helps you to promote your blog and bring new readers aboard.

* Second Step : (30 minutes)

Next 30 mins spend for connecting with people. The 30 minutes which u spend should be divided into two parts –
# Commenting on other blogs in your niche (you ll gain backlinks and your Pagerank will increase).
# Spending time with your blogger friends via twitter, email or IM. Don’t be rude to them because they are your readers and build genuine relationships. Result is you ll learn more knowledge by interacting with them about same niche.

* Third Step : (30 minutes)

Next 30 mins is Promotion of your posts. Once you have published the killer articles promote it. Promotion in the sense, letting bloggers and webmasters know about the post, getting some friends to submit the article to Facebook, Propeller, Digg, Reddit , Twitter , Social bookmarking sites and post the article in online forums or newsgroups.

* Fourth Step : (30 minutes)

Not only killer articles will fetch you traffic, Normal post which you publish in your blog daily is more important. Post atleast one article everyday. Make it as a habit. (Tip : Surely everyone will check Emails daily.. so why dont you post an article after checking all your mails ?? )simple idea – publish a killer article every friday and Normal post from saturday to thrusday and keep your readers engaged :-))

Note : I follow all these steps daily. When ever i publish some article in my blog. I digg it and tweet. Some people asked me from where you pick all the topics. I just go to Online forums- help desk and Yahoo questions and answers, I help them and If i like their questions, i make a topic in my blog. so simple right ?

Make sure that you execute all the four steps as planned and If you have more time available you can expand the time spent on each of the four steps proportionally.

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Happy blogging and Leave your comments (-:

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  1. Free Business Cards says:

    Wish I had 2.5 hours a day to work on web projects.

  2. Swagat says:

    that's nice..
    I'll try the above steps. Hey I like this RSS thing on the bttom of your page. How can I get one?

  3. vignesh says:

    Its nice to See this Post man…
    Will try according to ur Idea.

  4. Rob says:

    Two key reasons why this works. You have a plan, and you are not afraid to work to do it.

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  6. srivathsan GK says:

    @ Swagat , Vignesh , ROb , Chaaps – thanks alot (-:

  7. Anto says:

    u share a useful information for all bloggers who is in search of genuine traffic…me too follow urs :)

  8. srivathsan GK says:

    ^ thanks Anto (-: happy blogging (-:

  9. shashank says:

    1 killer blog :)

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    really good post, thanks for sharing with us

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    hmmm very nice tips bro it's very important
    i make a new blog
    check this also

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    I like the tips and will definitely apply them

  14. Srivathsan GK says:

    @EmmaLife – Thanks Emma!! Welcome to steal-ideas!!

  15. Harsh Agrawal says:

    Usefulp Piece of advice. and my 2 cents use some handy software or stop watch to quickly break your timings to make most out of it..

  16. Srivathsan GK says:

    @harsh – yeah! I just look at my taskbar .. lol

  17. vijay says:

    This is a best blogger tips i ve ever seened.Thanks for a great ideas

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    @Vijay – thank you vijay – enjoy your stay on steal-ideas ;)

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    yep..nice tips

  21. Srivathsan GK says:

    @Ghost and @MK – Glad that you loved it :) thank you :)

  22. GadgetCage says:

    u Rock dude!! Kewl. I think Im missing few steps. Thnx for tips :)

  23. Bhushan says:

    nice post buddy…..

  24. Rajesh Kanuri @ TechCats says:

    These are really nice tips.. Which i have followed for the first 3-4 months of blogging.. from past one month I fail to do the steps u mentioned.. hope everything will set right in march and I ll be back to blogging in full fledged manner . .

  25. Simran says:

    If a blogger starts following all these steps he/she will really make a great blog. Retweeted :)

  26. Pubudu Kodikara says:

    Nice post bro! must follow these steps, but i think i will need more than one hour to write killer articles! :D

  27. The truth is, in theory the times may look like whats in here, but in actual practice I tend to exceed everything. Like 30 minutes to network? I spend 3 hours a day on average ;)

  28. Excellent Killer Article :D

    Or you can but traffic by spending some bucks.

  29. Athul says:

    Gr8 Blog, visited your wp blog first time. Excellent…….

    Great tips….. I will “Re”start my blogging as inspiration from YOU.

    Remember to tell me to visit your blog in vacation

    Gr8 tips, need to follow all your tips

  30. Jack says:

    Where do you think the best is to post your website?
    .-= Jack´s last blog ..Audi RS5 =-.

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    Cool ideas..
    but which forum is best to use ? could u list some ?

  32. Webyara says:

    Great post . Informative and was so useful. Thanks for sharing.

  33. Ankit says:

    Great tips. I should follow this and try on my blog. :)

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    grt post…….clear partition of time

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