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What would be possible if browsing the web was as fast as turning the pages of a magazine? yeah! Google publicly share tools that would help to improve your site’s performance. By offering tutorials, tips and performance tools via the new site, Google wants to help make the Web faster by assembling a community of developers interested in online speed and performance. Apart from tutorials and downloadable tools, the site will allow developers to submit ideas, suggestions and questions via a discussion forum and by using Google’s Moderator tool.

Let’s make the Web Faster – YouTube video

The site currently covers tutorials on various optimization aspects such as:

CSS optimization
Gzip compression
HTTP caching
Improving performance with Page Speed
Minimizing browser reflow
Optimizing JavaScript code
Optimizing web graphics
PHP performance tips
Prefetching resources
Properly including stylesheets and scripts

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Tools and downloads from Google :

From Google:
Page Speed

From other developers:
AOL Page Test
Fiddler 2
IBM Page Detailer
Microsoft VRTA
Smush It
Yahoo! YSlow
YUI Compressor

You can Read and Download hereLink

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  1. Mr.X says:

    Thanks i will download it

  2. Phone Lookup says:

    What do this whole Google Gears thing do? I installed it for WordPress Administration but didn't really see an improvements.

  3. srivathsan GK says:

    ^ you wont see a sudden big change on your webpage :) little aspects like page load time changes in your webpage and easy faster performance to the users :) so just make a question to your website users that they can feel any change in surfing ?

  4. Canister Fish Tank Filters says:

    I use the webmaster tools and it's quite good when you get into it. I haven't looked into the tutorials much yet though. Will have to check them out when I get time.

  5. srivathsan GK says:

    @Canister Fish Tank Filters- webmaster tools is more than enuf :) but do check this one :)

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