Share Files directly from your PC using Gmail Account


With Gmail, the maximum size of attachments you can send and receive is only up to 25 megabytes (MB) in size. g2Peer is a program that can be helpful to share files with anyone you want through Gmail. If you use a web-based file sharing service for sharing files with your friends, its a time consuming process.


g2Peer is a freeware that simplifies sharing of file by allowing you to share files directly from your computer using Gmail account. g2Peer treats each Gmail address as an IP address for all computers that have installed g2Peer.

To work with g2Peer, it should be installed on both PC and configured to work with an unique Gmail address through Gmail POP3 or IMAP. (or) If you use command line [ ?_list and ?_download ] it is not necessary to install g2Peer on both the PC.

For more detailed Tutorial with Screenshots Go hereLink

g2Peer runs under Windows 2000/XP/Vista operation systems. No special hardware requirements. Copy/download the installation file in a temporary directory and run it. The installation wizard will do the rest.

Once the installation program has completed, you may run the program from the Start menu: Start->Programs->g2Peer->g2Peer 1.0.

Download g2PeerLink

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