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Quick Tools for Google Apps is a software that integrates some of Google applications (Gmail, Google Docs and Google Calendar) and resides in the taskbar to notify you when new mail or a new event has arrived.

With Quick Tools for Google Apps, you can quickly perform tasks such as adding appointments to your calendar, transfer files and folders to Google Docs or check new messages on your Gmail account.

It supports :

1. Google Mail Integration :
* Automatically retrieves new emails and Notifies you with a popup window when new email arrives.

* You can always view a list of new and recent email even when you are offline.

2. Google Docs Integration :
* Uploading documents to Google Docs can be a bit of a nightmare, especially if you need to upload multiple documents or even whole folders.

* Drag and drop files and folders to the Quick Tools upload window to upload documents.

3. Google Calendar Integration :
* Automatically retrieves calendar events from all your Google accounts.

* You can always list todays or tomorrows appointments even when you are offline.

* You can quickly add a new appointment to your calendar without having to first open a browser and navigate to your calendar.

4. Options & Multiple Accounts :
* You select one account as the default account, but new mail and calendar reminders are still popping up for all accounts.

* You always upload documents and add new appointments to your selected default account.

* You can set a range of different options for each of your added accounts, and you can choose which Google applications are relevant for each of your accounts.

Quick Tools for Google Apps requires Microsoft. NET Framework 2.0 to run.

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    Nice info….My company doesnt use Google Apps so I have little experience with it but it look like it would be great for my home biz.

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    Interesting :) ….

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