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Icon Finder is a New Search Engine for finding your Favorite Icons on the web. Icon Finder provides high quality icons for web designers and developers in an easy and efficient way.

At Iconfinder you can find many good icons for your blog/website. You can browse all the Icon sets here – Click here to Browse Icon sets. You can also download preferred Icons in 2 formats – Png and Ico.

For example – Click here for User web2.0 Icon sets.

If your not satisfied with the Icons given there, you can also order your Custom designed icons which fits exactly your needs. You can now order custom designed icons directly from Iconfinder here – Click here to Order your Custom Designed Icons.

Some Features of Iconfinder are :

# Everybody can add tags for the icons. When new tags are submitted other users can vote. If new tags don’t get enough positive votes, the changes will be reversed.

# Lots of new icon sets and a nice way to browse them all without searching.

#Setting limits to the sizes of the icons shown, changing the number of results per page and changing the background color is now possible with just a few clicks.

# You can also send your Designed Icons to their E-Mail id.


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