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When your websites go down, shouldn’t you be the first to know ?? Your users shouldn’t be the ones letting you know your website is not working properly. Howsthe dot com is a website monitoring service which monitors your website and provides you with status notification when your website is down so that you can do something to remedy it.

Howsthe dot com is will monitor your websites or web services using the HTTP protocol and provides you with notifications when your website is down. For eg : Say you have started a website to inform people something important, In any case you dont want your site which you worked hard to be unreachable. Best Example is e-commerce store, because every minute the site is down they are losing sales.

Services like this one will better equip you and let you take the necessary measures at any given time. All you need to do is sign up for free and start monitoring your website!

Some of the features include :
# Notification to multiple locations via your preferred method (e-mail and SMS are fully supported)
# You can check your website every 5, 10, 15, 30, 60 minutes depending on your plan.

# It can also search the page content for keywords and notify you if they’re not found.
# You can set a wait period till the next notification, this way you are not overwhelmed with notifications that your website is not running properly.
# It allows you to monitor many websites and web services, this is limited depending on which plan are signed up for.

If you want to have a try go to the homepage here

Howsthe dot comHomepage

There are thousands of sites notifying when your websites are down. In the row, here is another one which i found to be useful. so sharing it

Are my sites up ?Homepage

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  1. Mayur says:

    Pingdom Pingdom Pingdom is what I prefer :) Sends email, SMS and tweet instantly when site goes Down.

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