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First of all im very much worried because I made only two posts this week. I hate my Internet service provider. Its sucks because most often the cables being cut by digging and other construction or some server repairs :( Coming back to the title, Access all your Google services at one click using GButts.

GButts is a Firefox Addon which helps you to display all of your Google Services as buttons just next to your address bar or anywhere you like it. You may even ask me ” I have a Google Toolbar, Why should i go for this? “, but I prefer its more comfortable than Google toolbar. lets see how ?

How to Setup GButts ?

First Install the GButts Extension (Mozilla Add-ons) and Go to View > Toolbar > Customize.

Now Drag n Drop the GButts Toolbar in your Firefox window near addressbar or anywhere you like it.

Some Features of GButts Extension are :

# It has all the Google Services, You have to check or uncheck the boxes according to your needs.

# It has two ways for displaying the icons. (i) Toolbar view (ii) Dropdown view
(i) In Toolbar view you can set as Horizontal and Vertical type of view .
(ii) Dropdown menu with a Vertical Orientation on the toolbar is a good feature to conserve space.

# You can also change the Tab Behaviour by Opening every service in a New Tab.

# You can do all this customization by clicking on the Settings button in the toolbar.

# If you use different Google services often every day, GButts can provide a very efficient way to access those services without affecting your browser’s performance or cluttering up your toolbar interface.

GButts Firefox AddonDownload

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