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One of the most powerful social media is Twitter. You can get information faster than ever. There are lot of tools for tweeting on twitter – Microblogging site. Here is some Top 15 tools for Twitter but besides that, we expect more simpler way to tweet.
Most People in the world use Firefox Browser for many of its lovable Features, One main thing is its Add-ons. So, Here comes a Firefox Add-on for Power Twitters (tweeting nearly for 12+ hours.. LOL)

TwitterBar is an extension for the Mozilla Firefox Web browser that allows you to post to Twitter from the Firefox address bar. Just type your tweet in the address bar and click the TwitterBar icon to send it to Twitter. You can also post the URL of the page you’re currently reading by clicking the TwitterBar icon in the address bar.

You can also search Twitter and the social Web directly from TwitterBar!!

* Just type your search and then type –search

* You can search by clicking the magenta icon that appears when you hover over the Twitter icon in the address bar

Now How to change the “Currently reading: ” part with the Title of the page you’re posting?

In the setting, change the default reading to $$ , and with just one click you will be tweeting with the Title and link of the post.

Image via [Shoutmeloud]

Download TwitterBar Firefox Add-onLink

So Enjoy Tweeting !!

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  1. Free T Shirts says:

    I like it. Saves a lot of time by not having to go to the twitter website.

  2. srivathsan GK says:

    @Free T Shirts- Yeah ! you can save more time and you can tweet more !!

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