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This post tells you how not to lose your Google Page rank – Eg: From Pagerank 3 to Pagerank 2, and I have not experienced that stage till now .. because this blog just now got its rank this month and its PR 1. What made me to write this when i have not experienced ?? Let me tell you, When Google assigned PR 1 to this blog I was Quite happy and wanted to see PR of my friend’s blog. I was shocked to see that their Pagerank being downgraded from say PR 3 to PR 2. so I thought that this should not happen to this blog and want to share here for my valuable readers.


Worrying about being slapped by Google Pagerank Update ??

We don’t need to worry about it if we know how to treat it right. So how we can keep our Pagerank save?

1. A theory which has been proven right say that too many useless links can be harmful to your site. There we should really maintain our site to keep clean from those useless links.

How we know that our site has a useless link or not? Let me introduce you to a service named Useless Links Checker.

Useless Links Checker:
This service is helping your site to analyze and identify if your site has useless links by scanning your sites pages. This service is free, and to use it is just so easy.

First go to their site on here, then type your site url on the textbox provided, and press Enter to begin the analizing.

After few second, you will see the result like this,


No Useless links in this blog. so it doesn’t show any links, Go try with your own sites and find Useless links. Of course you know what should do with those links. If you see a list of Useless Links, then you have to manipulate them so it can be useful. You can try to scan your site again with the service until you have your site clean of any useless links.

Useless Link checkerLink

2. The Above method is for Blogspot and for WordPress users you can use the WordPress Broken links Remover plugin. It is just for WordPress blog. If you are not using WordPress, you can use the first Blogspot method to prevent the useless links.

The plugin will helps you fix bad/broken links, both text links(anchor tags) and image links (img tags). It blocks the display of such links on your WordPress post/page, until you fix them. It will not visible to search engine robots as well, until you correct them.

This is a great WordPress plugin that you should install it to all your WordPress blog. I hope that you can maintain the blog PR after this.

WordPress Broken Links Remover PluginDownload

I just want to share a software called PaRaMeter which monitors your Google Pagerank not only your total blog/site but it also checks whether your inner pages got some Pagerank .


The beauty of PaRaMeter (short for PAge RAnk Meter) is that you can enter your URL’s once and then leave it running on the desktop. Then if you want to document the ups and downs of your PageRanks, you can export the PR information from PaRaMeter to either the Windows clipboard or to a CSV file.


How to calculate your Future Google PageRank ? Some more Webmaster Tools ?

For WebMaster ToolsLink

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  1. Venky says:

    hey found this article really useful man who can eliminating this links improve PR man, i cant understand ca you explain.

  2. srivathsan GK says:

    ^^ You have to eliminate from your blog. Just use the link checker and see What links are useless in your blog and eliminate those links from your blog (-: The link checker only identifies the unwanted links. You have to eliminate it !

  3. Mukund says:

    Thanks for the tip man! I will try that PaRameter with my blog and see! You may check out my latest posts too!!

  4. admin says:

    I have two useless links!
    one is "About me"
    Other is "RSS feed"
    lol! i want to remove it???

  5. srivathsan GK says:

    @ Mukund – thanku man (-: try out for your business partner site/blog – Know their PR and chase them =]]

  6. srivathsan GK says:

    @ admin – Not only about us and rss =)) you have many links useless. check out brother (-: u dont want to remove .. just add rel=”nofollow” to the feed links. or probably re-arrange and split them so not grouped into one spot.

  7. Free Acai Berry says:

    Great information. I followed John Chow and did some paid posts on a couple of sites and am still trying to get my pagerank back. I have my fingers crossed.

  8. srivathsan GK says:

    @ Free Acai Berry – thanku man (-: Hope You get High PR soon ! Best wishes !!

  9. warren says:

    woo, your blog is nice and neat and has a professional look.

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  10. srivathsan GK says:

    @ warren – Thanku man (-: Just Subscribe for Email Updates and Read from your Mail Bxox!!

  11. Aswani says:

    very well explained. great info :)

  12. srivathsan GK says:

    @ Aswani – Thanku brother (-:

  13. ajeet says:

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