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For all of you who want to scam your company’s expense reimbursement system.

fake receipt

I’ve heard of sites where you give them a range of dates and a city, and they give you a full set of receipts for a trip to that city: airfare, hotel, meals, everything — but I can’t find a website.

FalseExpense will mail you an envelope full of fake receipts, suitable for submitting for reimbursement or deducting from your taxes, “FOR NOVELTY USE ONLY“.

The process is simple:

* Email them the answers to a short questionnaire about the false receipt you want designed and printed.
* Within 24 hours, they will send you a draft scan by email of the fake store receipt.
* You give them feedback/changes you may require.
* They Print the fake register receipt with a real Point of Sale (POS) Thermal Printer and post 2 copies of the real receipt to your address.
* You can use them for whatever purpose you choose!!
* You need to pay a small fee- using your credit card.

Print Fake ReceiptsLink

via [schneier]

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  1. Billa says:

    super pa

  2. ann martin says:

    I never even thought about the possibility of there being such a service. Who would have thunk it? What in the world will they think of next?

  3. srivathsan GK says:

    @ Ann – Yeah, I didnt expect such a service would exists.

  4. UGF Filter says:

    Is this even legal? It's basically encouraging fraud? I wonder what the IRS think of "services" such as this.

  5. The link is dead…

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