How to charge USB based devices without a Computer


We all have so many USB based devices which can be charged only via USB ports, like portable music players, digital cameras…etc. But when we go out for a trip or a long tour, it’s gonna be a huge problem to keep them charged all the time. Offcourse you can’t carry a laptop or PC to just charge them!

Here is a solution for that! You can buy a Universal USB Charger which is been sold by many merchants on eBay over here. You can plug this adapter to normal AC 230 volts points. Adapter simply steps down the 230V AC into 5 volts DC which is the voltage USB ports provide. These adapters are available for around Rs.200 on eBay

via [techbanglore]

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  1. jesvin says:

    Hey these things are available at any electronics stores that stocks fiber-optic yoyos for 3+ years. Most peeps with a shuffle have them.

  2. These adapters are available more cheaper at any local electronics store. I got one for for Rs. 80 at the my local vendor.

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