How Google Adsense detects Fraud Clicks


Recently I got approval from Google Adsense. You can see the ads displaying in this blog sidebar and above this post. Before getting into the topic I have some personal tips for you , how to get approved by Google Adsense Program. These are 3 simple factors which you need to do
Get A Privacy Policy Page On Your Website Or Blog!
Wait A Few Weeks Before Apply!
Have Quality Content! and please read Adsense TOS once before applying.

Now after getting approved and displaying the ads in your website/blog , main thing is clicking your own ads is prohibited and asking someone for click exchange. they are considered as invalid clicks. so Here are some detection methods they might use for calculating invalid clicks.

* IP Address:If the AdSense click is originated from the same IP Address as the one used for accessing your AdSense account, your account is flagged.

* Cookies from your Computer:More advanced users use dynamic IP! Yes, disconnect from the Internet, and join again, you change your IP, but Google for each click computer places on your computer Cookies.

* Other Google Services:Thinking that you are safe just because you do not access your AdSense account? Think again. This time, consider these: GMail, Google Earth, Google Calendar, Google Search, Google Toolbar, Google Talk, Google Sitemap, Google Desktop, Blogger, and so on. With the wide range of services they provide, Google can trace the originator of most (or probably almost all) clicks.

* Hardware/Mac Address:MAC address of the LAN card, modem, and router works almost like a fingerprint. I’m not sure if Google can track this, but probably they do.

* General Concept:# Google has some basic why this computer / IP address / person is so trigger-click-happy on this particular website but never click on the ads on other sites?
# Why is it that people accessing these sites direct (type-in URL or from bookmark) tend to be very active ad-clickers compared with those referred from search engine or other sites?
# why the ad-clickers like to hit and run, compared with non ad-clickers that surf a few pages before leaving?

* Click-Through-Rate (CTR):Your CTR may range from 0.5% to 10%, but if it exceeds a certain point (probably around 10%), you are flagged.

* Violation of Google AdSense:A clear violation of Google Ad Sense. “Make money by clicking on the ads” – even if you do not post this text directly sooner or later Google will find it. Again ban again no money.

* Search Engine Ranking:Your website is not indexed on any search engine, not linked by any prominent website, but get consistently high traffic? That sounds like something is in play. Regardless of whether it is an adware-embedded software, spam, trojan clickbot, or intentionally installed click-exchange network, it doesn’t sound right.

In short, it is almost impossible to cheat AdSense in the long term. Instead of spending time, money, and effort trying to outsmart Google, try these tips to improve your AdSense earning. Google might or might not use these methods to detect click-fraud. I’d believe that they have much better detection mechanism.

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  1. Mani V says:

    Wow Google Rox..!!

  2. Movies at Home says:

    With Adsense it's either you don't need it, you need to click yourself, or there's no money.

  3. srivathsan GK says:

    @Movies at Home – NO buddy .. When you click yourself you may get banned from Google Adsense. they want the visitors genuinly go n click the ads (-:

  4. krishna says:

    When did you start yours blog? and when did you apply for adsense account? and how long did it take for google to accept you for adsense?. I heard that google is very strict these days on blogspot accounts and we need to wait for a period of min 6months in order to get accepted for adsense

  5. srivathsan GK says:

    @krishna – This blog was started feb 9th and i applied for my adsense during may 3rd week , meanwhile google gave Pagerank 1 for this blog and approved my adsense on may end (-:

    You need quality content and no of visitors :-)

  6. Internal Filters says:

    Very good information. If you're trying to defraud Adsense then I suggest you give up now. It is highly unlikely you will succeed as they are one of the biggest companies in the world and Adsense is their biggest earner so they make sure to look after their advertisers and implement cutting edge security systems to weed out the fraudsters. Not only that, but even if you do succeed you're only bringing the industry as a whole down in the end. It's so much more satisfying putting in the hard yards and watching your site/blog grow in the SE rankings naturally and your adsense income increasing to match.

  7. Jackodays says:

    Good point of view. Thank you.

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  12. ajay says:

    One thing u forgot to tell regard to login in adsense acount, we should not check the login page,….?
    maintain 15days gap for each login, this is also one of the reason for getting banned if u daily login into it.

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