Free App to Get Updates from various Social Networking sites on your iPhone


Having so many apps for different social network on your iPhone doesn’t sound like a good idea. You first open Facebook app and the close that to open Twitter app. So time consuming, isn’t it ?

Zensify is a free iPhone app using which you can view, update and share your content across multiple social networks like Facebook, Digg, Twitter, Delicious, Youtube, Flickr etc.

You only need to sign in to you various accounts which is one time. Once you do that, your friends’ updates will start reaching you as only one list of events

The best thing about Zensify is that you can simultaneously update the same photo on your Facebook, Twitter (Twitpic) etc accounts. Apart from this you can also make an update favorite for future reference.

The Tag View feature of Zensify is cool. It’ll separate out the the updates according to the social network and filter them too.

All in all Zensify is very cool free iPhone app that you must install if you are a regular social networker. You can download the app directly from iTunes app store.

Zensify for your iPhoneLink


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  1. Reverse Cell Phone says:

    Excellent little app. I don't think Palm Pre has a chance with all the apps available for the iPhone.

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