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I’m happy that there has been a Google Page Rank update yesterday i.e. 24th June 2009. This blog of mine moves to PR 2 from PR 1. Now back to the topic, Google is an remarkably powerful tool that can ease and enhance your Internet exploration. Google’s search options go beyond simple keywords, the Web, and even its own programmers. Let’s look at some of Google’s lesser-known options.

Here are some advanced operators that can help narrow down your search results.
* Intitle: At the beginning of a query word or phrase (intitle:”Bill gates”) restricts your search results to just the titles of Web pages.
Type this – intitle:”Bill gates” – in Google search box and know the results.
Now you should be guessing why have i put those search keywords into double quotes ??
Using double quotes for exact phrase searches, limits Google to return only pages that has the exact string as your query. You can Search for exact phrase.
For example – Just type this – “steal-ideas”
* Intext: The query intext:abdul kalam restricts results to documents containing abdul kalam in the text. For instance, [ wings of fire intext:abdul kalam ] will return documents that mention the word “abdul kalam” in the text, and mention the names “wings of” and “fire” anywhere in the document (text or not).
* Site: Some websites does not have search in it and you want to easily find something on this site,well Google can really help you with that you can limit your search to a single web domain by appending “site:domain name” to the search phrase. For example, to limit a search to pages belonging only to, I appended to the search query. For example, get pages about Steve ballmer by searching for intitle:”steve ballmer” or intitle:”steve ballmer”site:org.
* Wildcards: Use Wildcards for unknown terms. This is good if you don’t know exactly what to put in the search query. For example, if you want to query pages containing bill * gates(the * is the wildcard), the popular page that has “bill ” + any word + “gates” on them will come up.
* OR Operators: To allow either one of several words. For example if you want to look for pages containing “bill gates” or “steve ballmer” just search for “bill gates OR steve ballmer”.
* Advanced Search Page: The advanced google search let you search for contents on the web with filters on language, date of creation, format, usage rights, geographical region and numeric range. Don’t forget to check out Google’s new Search Options feature.

Advanced Search pageLink

* Un-protected Directories: Type this line in the Google search box:

intitle:”index of” +”index of” +size +name +description +modified

When you search for this, you will find all the un-protected directories on the Internet that Goggle has found! Try to see what is helpful for you from these unprotected directories!
The line: intitle:”index of” +”index of” +size +name +description +modified is made up of many small Google commands Like :
# intitle:”index of” : This tells Google to only search for web pages with the term index of in the Title of the web page.
# +”index of” : This tells Google that all the pages that come in the search results, must have index of on the page.
# The + basically tells Google that whatever is after the + must be there in all the pages that Google provides in the results.
With this you can find E-book, Games, Software, Videos, Songs and much more.
# To do this you can use this line: for Mp3 songs

intitle:”index of” +”index of” +size +name +description +modified +mp3

# Similarly, if you wanted to find all the ebooks in all the up-protected directories, you could use this line:

intitle:”index of” +”index of” +size +name +description +modified +pdf harry potter

# To see images in private directories you can use this code –

intitle:index.of +”Indexed by Apache::Gallery” +ANY_WORD

All these Search operators can be used for effective searching in Google. What if all these operators are used in One single Application ?? Yes you can easily narrow down your search in music, books, lyrics, fonts, tools and applications, proxies and more.

Google Hacks is a nifty tool that can help you find stuff on the web easily with the power of Google. At less than 1 MB, this tool can assist you in finding music, books, lyrics and other materials easily, leveraging Google’s advanced search operators. Knowledge of advanced search operators isn’t necessary with Google Hacks near you.


Google Hacks can be used to find music, books, lyrics, fonts, tools and applications, proxies and more. Just fire it up after installation, type your search query, choose the type of media you want to search for and you’re done. You’re taken to a Google Search Results page with relevant stuff.
Give it a try by downloading it. It’s available as a download for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Download linkClick here.

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