Top 15 Tools for Twitter


Twitter is the most popular micro blogging site, it gives full freedom to users, that’s the reason of hundreds of Tools and Apps built only for Twitter, Without these tools, It is difficult for a user to succeed on Twitter, these tools makes it easy to do every action on Twitter, so here we come up with list of some Powerful and Important Twitter tools.

1. Tweet Deck

It is the most powerful and Popular Twitter client, If you are following more than 100 users on Twitter, so you must use This Tool for organizing your favorite Users

2. Twhirl

Twhirl is also a popular Twitter client, it is light, friendly and you can manage multiple Twitter accounts with it. With the Latest update Digg url Shortner has become its default url shortner

3. Seesmic Desktop

It is the newest Twitter client which joins the above two clients, it gives you new groups of users like TweetDeck and supports Multiple accounts too

4. Twitter Feed

It is the online tool very useful for Bloggers, you just need to provide URL of your Blog’s feed and this tools will automatically update your Twitter status whenever you post on your Blog

5. Twitter Grader

This online tools is very effective for analyzing your Twitter activity, it helps you to check your Status and helps you to post better, I(@dangerdiabolick) got 95.6 Out of 100, check yours :)

6. We Follow

It is the Twitter Users’ Directory, you can find people with similar interests, and check the Top users, you can add yourself to the directory with simple interface too.

7. Mr. Tweet

Mr. Tweet helps you to build a bigger network on Twitter, Recommend others and get recommended by others, that’s the way to success on Twitter

8. Twitter Mass

Twitter Mass helps you to grow your Twitter Network by some simple steps, you can clone someone’s Profile or auto-follow users on same interests or tags of your choice, check their website for more info.

9. Twt Poll

It is a very nice tool for creating Polls on Twitter and Sharing it with Followers and let them spread it. You can add it easily to your Blog or site also.

10. Tweetmeme

If you have a Blog, you might have added Digg Button to your posts, if you have not added it yet, go and add these, these are very important for Blog Traffic and Rankings, Tweetmeme works similar to Digg, you can add This button to your Blog, making it easy for users to Tweet your post and also it displays Tweet Counts.

11. Twitter Counter

This simple tool allows you to Show Your Twitter Follower count on Your Blog or site, It is very useful for Blog owners, Add it to your blog today :)

12. Friend or Follow

We follow many users to get good updates and follow some so that they also follow us back, but ever thought, if you could see, who is following you or not?? This tool tells you Who is following you back or not, so that you can remove the unwanted users.

13. Tweet Later

This tool allows you to Set Tweets in the future, you can also set up automatic Welcome messages to New Followers (Which is not recommended however)

14. TwitPic

This allows you to share Your images with your Twitter Followers, In TweetDeck and other popular Clients, it is already added to these all.

15. TwiTip

This is not a tool actually, but This is very important if you want to get more followers or to become a better User, They post many useful articles on This blog, so This list is incomplete without this Link

So these were the most important tools/Links, Which you need to grow your Twitter Network and effectively manage it. Add me On Twitter

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  1. Free T Shirts says:

    I use Tweetmeme and Bird Feeder (WP Plugin) and like them both. As soon as my followership grows, I’ll start using Tweet Deck.

  2. srivathsan GK says:

    @Free T Shirts – i use Tweet Deck ! you too try using it :) feel the difference (:

  3. Stefan says:

    Perhaps – something like TinyURL for addresses – could be another interesting tool. is a free address localization service that turns every postal address or GPS coordinate into a short URL that can be used for links, emailing, Twitter or sms.

  4. johnfmoore says:

    Great list. Check out many other twitter clients listed on the 2009 #topclient list here:

    There are many great clients out there, ranging in popularity. See the list and the comments and then, play with them all. :-)

    John Moore

  5. srivathsan GK says:

    @ johnfmoore – will go through man ! Thanks for share (-:

  6. srivathsan GK says:

    cool smileys .. just now installed .. testing =)) =)) :D :X

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