Portable Ubuntu for Windows


Portable Ubuntu for Windows is a useful tool for when you need to use Ubuntu on an machine that has Windows as operating system.

With live CDs , nowadays its very easy to install and operate Linux distributions . Ubuntu is one of the best Linux distributions in the world ,and the latest version has lot of unmatched features to offer. But if you are Windows user and not familiar with Linux installation ,partitioning etc. , you can try this portable mobile version of Ubuntu which doesn’t require any installation . Just open the package from Windows desktop and run applications.

Download Ubuntu Windows portable : Link

Ubuntu in Windows 7 without Live CD installation :

Features of Ubuntu Windows portable :

Run all Linux applications while on Windows .
No installation required .
Install new Linux applications through Synaptic Package Manager .
Consumes only very low amount of RAM (around 60 MB)
No need to boot both Windows and Ubuntu .
No need of virtual mode or emulation .
Open Linux programs from programs menu and use them like Windows applications .

Ubuntu Windows portable is only around 500 MB in size and on decompression it will be around 1.25 GB . Click on run_portable_ubuntu.bat from decompressed files . Now you will see the above options which can be accessed form Windows start menu .

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  1. Nice one.. Was looking for something exactly similar.. ;-)

  2. Nandan | TechFlu says:

    Nice share,I am big fan of Linux, can u tell me which version of Ubuntu is this?

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