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Hello,Sorry to all of my Readers and Visitors for not updating my blog since last week. Nothing wrong is here I Am Just busy with my Exams. That’s why I was unable to post a new entry on my blog. So welcoming you back enjoy your browsing and Keep commenting (-;

So,Im again with a New Post of How to Boost your Alexa Ranking ?

The most common question of any Blogger(Including me):

* How to increase my Alexa Rank?

Most of the webmaster like to grab a high position in Alexa Rankings. Well if you don’t know what Alexa is then i will give a brief explanation on it.

Alexa.com offers a search engine, a directory and a toolbar (among other services). It also has a resource called Alexa Traffic Rankings (Input your sites URL in Find sites About: box at the top when you get to Alexa.com), which is what we are focusing on when we study AlexaRank. Input your sites URL in Find sites column and Alexa will spit out the current ranking data for that site.

Alexa rank is completely depend on your traffic(No.of.Visitors). Though there are other ways which can be helpful to improve your alexa ranking.

But One of them is by using Alexa toolbar.

Alexa Rank has more or less depend on traffic and people surf your website using Alexa toolbar.

Alexa Toolbar collects all the usage data and it plays a vital role to rank websites, and it’s a nice advice if you ask your regular readers to use alexa toolbar that will also help getting your site read by alexa toolbar reader.

Alexa Toolbar – Link

My personal Experience is that Im using Alexa toolbar and I have seen my Alexa rank gone to under 1.4 Crores within 2 months. I don’t remember exactly what was my rank when I started this blog, let it be something around 2 Crores (Month-Feb) and In the month of March i was not much active and No regular post too =[ and During the month of April and May it gone to under 517,510 (Check out my Current Rank)

Though now alexa is updating its ranking in 2-3 days, so you can Easily Boost up your Alexa ranking. keep in mind to Use Alexa Toolbar and ask your regular readers to use Alexa toolbar and Boost up your Alexa Rank From Today !

How to get alexa widget code for your blog?
Go to Alexa Site-Owners webpage from this link , Enter your website/blog address and get the codes for your blog.

You can also see the Alexa Rank widget of this blog in your right sidebar.

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Check out the Current Alexa Rank for this Blog – Link

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  1. Free T Shirts says:

    Do you need to have the toolbar visible or I can install it and hide it and still get traffic recorded with Alexa?

  2. srivathsan GK says:

    @ Free T Shrits – Yes the alexa toolbar tracks while hidden. (-:

  3. Technology Professional says:

    I am also interested in using Alexa and your post is so helpful. It help me understand how Alexa works and how it helps my site. Thanks!

  4. srivathsan GK says:

    @ Technology Professional – Welcome man (-: more to come ! check out my other post too =]

  5. K. Frangeskos says:

    Thank you for your advice…great blogsite and very helpful…
    I will visit again…
    Best regards,

  6. srivathsan GK says:

    @ K. Frangeskos – Thanks man (-: subscribe to the feeds (-:

  7. Early Tokyo says:

    Nice tips, thanks for sharing man.. cheers :)

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  9. Sujith Bhakthan T R says:

    dude its a nice blog…….. with a lot of information.
    Keep writing. all the best

    Visit KSRTC blog here

  10. Srivathsan GK says:

    @Sujith – Thank you so much :)

  11. abhi says:

    Hey thanks for this.

  12. Srivathsan GK says:

    @abhi – Welcome man :) Glad to have you on Steal-ideas !

  13. Gourav sharma says:

    These days installing alexa tootlbar doesn't help you to get Good alexa ranking…

  14. Manjunath says:

    Alexa rankings is not much of accurate and their traffic ratings solely depends on their tool bar and plugin in mozilla and netscape….

    and traffic from IE and other browsers are some times not calculated correct me if i am wrong….

  15. Rommel says:

    Thanks for sharing these tips about how to boost up alexa ranking. I have just published my site last month and I want to increase my alexa ranking.


  16. Hari says:

    Hey Bro,

    Good one dude… Keep doing your good work :)

  17. kretya says:

    Are you saying that downloading toolbar increases rank [:o]…..??????????

  18. THanks! this good tip boot rank alexa!

  19. I learned many new things, thanks.

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