Change Boot screen using TuneUp Utilities


In this tutorial im going to explain how to change the boot screen of windows Xp using TuneUp Utilities. You may ask why Tuneup Utilities ?

If you want to keep your PC in good condition and running as smoothly as the very first day you switched it on, you’ve got two options: either you download a dozen different system optimization apps or you just use TuneUp Utilities 2009, a nice piece of software that has turned into an essential maintenance toolkit for your PC.

First Download Tuneup Utilities 2009 with Serial keyLink
password –

Now lets see how to change the boot screen of Windows Xp :-
* Its the easiest method to change the boot screen and safe too (coz it adds an extra entry in Boot loader for the new boot screen and keep the default entry too)

* Open Tuneup Utilities 2009:


* Now click on Customize Windows -> TuneUp Styler

* It’ll open a new window. Click on “Boot Screen” link in left-side pane:

* Now click on “Add -> Load Boot Screen From File…” option: Select your boot screen file and click on “Install Boot Screen” button.

* You can also create your own boot screens. To create new boot screen, click on “New Screen” button. It’ll open a new window. Now click on “Search Local Drives” link and select the image.

* Once you finish, click on “Save boot screen” link and provide a name to your boot screen.

* That’s it, your new boot screen is ready. You can apply it by clicking on “Install Boot Screen” button.

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    Very nice tutorial on the Windows Boot Screen.

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